Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Vote today in the City of Lake Worth to have your City Commission do “better”, wrote the editor in the Post today.

Vote to end the “divisiveness” and send the incumbent, McVoy (pictured above) on another of his long “retreats” to do other things that interest him more than our City.

The editor at the Post wrote today, “The same can be said of Lake Worth”, that “after several years of divisiveness centered mostly around one individual, has a chance at a fresh start at bridging that political divide.”

“. . . divisiveness centered mostly around one individual”

Who is that “one individual”? That would be Comm. McVoy, up for re-election today. Today is the day to end all that “divisiveness” once and for all.

The Editor at the Post endorsed Omari Hardy for the District 2 seat. In another editorial written today, which is also online, one of the last paragraphs was edited out of the print edition because the editorial ran a little too long for the page (page A9, above the fold).

Here are those words, click on image to enlarge:
“The same can be said of Lake Worth . . . All that’s left is for those residents to do is vote.” Below is from the Editor’s endorsement for Omari Hardy and reasons why not to re-elect McVoy:

The reason to elect Omari Hardy is “a good one.” Our City needs someone “to build consensus around the things we know to be problems.”