Friday, March 24, 2017

Saturday morning: Sharon Koskoff’s Walking Tour in our little City of Lake Worth’s unique and special Downtown.

The details for the tour are below.

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Sharon Koskoff’s talk at Brogues here in our Downtown Lake Worth. Koskoff is one of those rare people that brings everything to the table. She is knowledgeable about her field of study, passionate, engaging, and makes the time listening enjoyable and yes, entertaining as well.

Sharon Koskoff, if you’ve never met her or attended one of her events, is uniquely special in many ways. I still remember well when several years ago Koskoff returned from a trip to Cuba and gave a slide-show presentation at the Stonzek about the state of Art Deco architecture in that country. This was when Fidel Castro was still firmly in control.

The people who showed up for last Wednesday’s talk was a “Who’s Who” in the fields of history, preservation, and architecture here in Palm Beach County. Up until a few hours prior didn’t know if I would be able to attend. Very fortunate I did.

Sharon Koskoff will be leading a tour in our Downtown. I’m not able to attend but hope a big crowd shows up and an attendee or two takes down notes and a few photos for me. And there’s a special treat: while the tour is strolling our City you’ll be able to watch and experience all the buzz and activity prior to PrideFest which will be happening near the bridge crossing the Intracoastal that flanks our Bryant Park.

The “Walking Tour” guided by Koskoff begins to assemble at 9:45 outside the Lake Worth Playhouse (713 Lake Ave.) and begins at 10:00. The cost of the tour is $30 and refreshments are included. The tour is sponsored by the Historical Society of Lake Worth.

A slide from last Wednesday, “Art Deco Lake Worth!” (click on image to enlarge) 
To learn more about Sharon Koskoff use this link. For more information about the Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches use this link

It was a packed house at Brogue’s Downunder:

Some of the “Who’s Who” in attendance.

While much of Sharon Kosskof’s talk last Wednesday was about Lake Worth’s unique character it was also about the characteristics of the Art Deco style. She talked about how the style morphed from Art Nouveau and became a product of the machine age with straight lines and geometric qualities.

The presentation also spanned beyond the boundaries of Lake Worth and included buildings like the original Norton Museum of Art and the Amory Art Center in West Palm Beach. If you have a chance, try to attend one of her talks. You will not be disappointed.

A major concern of mine is getting more Millennials involved in historic preservation, especially here in the City of Lake Worth. The “passing of the torch” so to speak will continue to happen and there aren’t enough people in line to hand that torch to. If you’re a young person or Millennial tomorrow’s walking tour may be the thing that inspires you to go to the next level, get involved, and help save our uniquely special history in this City for generations to come.

And lastly, if you didn’t know, the City of Lake Worth has the Lake Worth Historical Museum. Try to contact them some day or go and visit. Our Historical Museum is located at the City Hall Annex Building (414 Lake Ave., 2nd floor) across the Cultural Plaza from the City’s Library:
  • 561-533-7354
  • Hours: Wednesday and Friday from 1:00–4:00.
  • Tours by appointment.

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