Tuesday, March 14, 2017

By all means, go and check out Artsy Fartsy today, but go and vote first!

And there’s a picture of Yours Truly in “the big chair” (see below) and one of Mr. Schlitz, the owner of Artsy Fartsy as well!

Regular readers know this blog references the new store in the Downtown, Artsy Fartsy Decor & More on Lucerne Ave., a lot. It all began when The Palm Beach Post made the story about the opening of Artsy Fartsy the big headline of the day—the very day of the Lake Worth Playhouse Debate—an event that’s traditionally a big draw every year.

I knew something was up that morning. When the phone starts ringing just as the sun starts coming up that’s the first clue.

Please understand, nothing against Artsy Farsy. However, the editor(s) opting not to mention the debate at all in the newspaper that day was simply irresponsible.

But I digress. After some urging and jovial persuasion stopped by and checked out Artsy Fartsy and had a wonderful time with the owner, Brian Schlitz. He is a regular blog reader and knows about all the coverage he’s gotten here on this blog (thanks in large part to the Post) and is very appreciative.

But it was time to turn the spotlight on me, so I hopped on the big, really big red Adirondack chair in front of his store. To put the chair in perspective, my shoes are size 13 and Yours Truly is 6′5″:

Meet Wes! This photo reminds me of the character Edith Ann, played by Lily Tomlin on Laugh-In in the 60’s.

I had a big laugh when I first saw the picture Brian sent me. This chair could become an iconic, one of those must-get tourist photo ops in downtown Lake Worth. The creative writing on the chair and partial rendition of the City’s logo helps out a lot as well. It’s a really BIG chair, so you might need some help getting in and out of it yourself. A true Instagram moment.

The inside of Artsy Fartsy is startlingly bright with wall-hangings and all sorts of interesting items. They all combine to create colorful patterns when you take pictures of them all hanging on the yellow-painted walls. You are sure to find items to pique your interest. Here are some pictures I took whilst inside.

Meet the owner, Brian Schlitz, in front of his colorful inventory.

It truly is fun to watch and be part of our funky little town under the sun, the little City of Lake Worth that can. We’ve truly come very far since the days when our Downtown was a place to avoid for many. Our City was once joked about, especially by the media and press, called “Good ’Ole Lake Worth”, and was referred to back in the day as the city that can’t and couldn’t and would never be able to get out of its own way.

But those days are over. And it helps to have more creativity, fun, and yes, more laughs in our Downtown. Thanks to people like Brian Schlitz.