Sunday, February 26, 2017

Visiting the Street Painting Festival? Check out Lake Worth’s renowned Beach this weekend.

Besides the Beach in the City of Lake Worth there is a gift shop as well (Beach Tee Shirt Company) and wonderful restaurants for every taste:
Below is what restaurant reviewer Joseph Thompson, III, had to say about Benny’s on the Beach after the “old Benny’s” closed down in 2014 (click on image to enlarge):

Thompson wrote the chef, Jeremy Hanlon, was once “a Saucier* at Daniel in New York City . . . I’m impressed. I have to go back and give it another try.” And there’s more from Joseph Thompson, III:

“Upstairs at Benny’s is heavenly. It’s a screened-in porch, with a 280-degree view of blue-green ocean and sky and Beach.”

“The menu is ambitious, colorful. Everything pops out at you.”

And on breakfast at Benny’s: “I got the Surfer, which is two eggs, two sausage links, two pieces of bacon and two pancakes [includes coffee] . . . the bacon was light and crispy. The sausage was excellent. Big. A little spicy but not too.”

*To learn the duties and requirements of a Saucier Chef use this link.