Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ride a stolen scooter? Warning: Don’t call PBSO for help or use a screwdriver to tinker with it (unless you have a fire extinguisher nearby).

Why not? The answer is below. And also:
  • Don’t let “a homegirl” you meet at McDonald’s take car keys for a vehicle you don’t own.
  • Don’t engage mentally-ill neighbors. Just walk away.
  • Have someone watch your home while on vacation for a week.
  • Leaving windows open while you take a stroll to the park with your children is also not advised.
Also good advice is this: If someone named “Gooz Adalwin Kenneth” sends you an email from Turkey asking for money there are better options than taking a PBSO deputy off the street to handle your issue. Like learning how to screen your emails better.

The ‘crimes’ in the image below are from an actual “Lake Worth Crime Blotter” published in a former tabloid that littered our City 2 years ago (click on image to enlarge):

To read the entire 5-part series from the City’s “Worst Newspaper Ever” that only lasted 4 months use this link. Don’t have time today? Then use this link to read #3 in the series: “LAKE WORTH CRIME BLOTTER!!!!!”

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