Thursday, February 1, 2018

“It’s a SCAM!”

Once again. . .

Do you have a business in the City of Lake Worth? Have you received a phone call, someone threatening to “shut the power off unless a payment is made immediately”?

It’s a SCAM!
Hang up immediately!

Really folks. News like this is not making our City of Lake Worth’s business community look very good. If you do happen to get one of these scam phone calls and you do get scammed, hopefully your first call isn’t to the press or news media. Why? Because they cannot help you.

If someone calls saying they’re from the Lake Worth Electric Utility and threatens to “shut the power off unless a payment is made immediately with a Green Dot MoneyPak card or personal credit card” HANG UP THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY AND CALL 561-533-7300 (or make a Suspicious Incident Report with PBSO: call 561-688-3400.

More good advice:

Do you ride a stolen scooter? Warning: Do Not call PBSO for help or use a screwdriver to tinker with the engine. The one caveat is, unless you have a fire extinguisher very close nearby with the arrow in the indicator pointing to the green. If it’s pointing to the red it won’t do much good if the scooter catches fire.

For more information about this sort of
situation, and others, see image below.

And please be suspicious of emails or phone calls from somebody in Africa or Turkey, or anyone with an odd name like “Gooz” asking for money. Why?

It’s a SCAM!

Also. . .

  • Don’t let “a homegirl” you meet at McDonald’s take car keys for a vehicle you don’t own.
  • Don’t engage mentally-ill neighbors. Just walk away.
  • Have someone watch your home while on vacation for a week.
  • Leaving windows open while you take a stroll to the park with your children is also not advised.
Also good advice is this: If someone named “Gooz Adalwin Kenneth” sends you an email from Turkey asking for money there are better options than taking a PBSO deputy off the street to handle your issue. Like learning how to screen your emails and phone calls better.

The ‘crimes’ in the image below are from an actual “Lake Worth Crime Blotter” published in a former tabloid that littered our City three years ago.

Hard to believe but it’s true!
Click on image to enlarge.
Note: This tabloid is not to be confused with
The Lake Worth Herald, the City’s newspaper “Established in 1912”

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