Saturday, April 8, 2017

Situation: You’re in a very important meeting and a 10-minute break is called. But you might need more than 10 minutes. What do you do?

Below I hope is helpful information, especially for any newly-elected officials, and for others as well so you don’t ever have to worry about ever seeing a quote like this:

“We’re not running a cruise line here”.
Quote by Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell.

The quote above is from last December at a City Commission meeting and was quite the moment. Towards the end of the meeting Mayor Pam Triolo called for a 10-minute break and everyone left the dais. After the break everyone returned except for then-Commissioner Ryan Maier (pronounced ‘my-err’, not ‘may-err’).

After a while, frustrated that Maier wasn’t answering the call to return over the loudspeaker, Maxwell said “We’re not running a cruise line here”, to the City Clerk. Maxwell wasn’t aware the mic was still on! Oooops.

Maier did eventually return, without an explanation for his absence, as the meeting had resumed. So! If you think you need more than the stated break time make sure you let the Chair of the meeting know. And also, check to make sure the mic is not on before you say something and have it broadcast to the entire City as well.

Anyhow, later that month (on Dec. 27th), Commissioner Maier opted not to run for re-election and The Palm Beach Post finally got around to reporting this news 5 weeks later, “After much consideration I have decided not to run. . .”.

And the rest, as they say, is history:
 A photo of the former City Commission. Commissioner Omari Jamal-Hatchett Hardy now represents District 2 and in District 4 it’s Commissioner Herman C. Robinson. Use this link to see the new City Commission.

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