Sunday, March 19, 2017

We need more young people to step up and get involved in this little City of Lake Worth.

The City of Lake Worth needs more young people to get involved, especially the Millennials. This City is ever-evolving and a very unique place. I’m beginning to see new faces at City Commission meetings but it’s just not enough of an “emerging engagement” as a preservation expert is quoted later in this blog post:
It’s at the city level that you make decisions affecting preservation.
It seems cliché but just one person can make a big difference. Take for example Roger Hendrix: He moved to this City and looked around one day and he said to himself, “This City has something that’s very special”; he started throwing out some ideas. One of those ideas later became The Cottages of Lake Worth.

Another reason for more younger people to become involved is this: One by one the old tired arguments in this City from yesteryear are being forgotten and that space is filling up with new ideas and new visions for the future:
Picture taken in 2016, just prior to the City’s Street Painting Festival. Shortly thereafter, some with money to burn returned to start over an old, tired argument from 2013. But elections, however, can put an entirely new perspective on things.

“Closer to home, he [historic preservation consultant Donovan Rypkema] said, research indicates U.S. young people are showing an ‘emerging engagement’ in preservation efforts. [emphasis added] He also noted a trend among leaders in ‘knowledge industries,’ including digital entrepreneurs, who are eager to house their companies in restored buildings.
     Early in his talk, he emphasized how the success of preservation efforts often hinges on local activists working within their communities to influence policy-makers.
     ‘It’s at the city level that you make decisions affecting preservation,’ he said.”

—Quote from this article in the Palm Beach Daily News (aka, The Shiny Sheet) dated January 14th, 2017 by reporter Darrell Hofheinz.

On the subject of “U.S. young people”, our historic Gulfstream Hotel, and why more young people have to get involved like the young lady in the video below: If more people would start making some noise. . .

“I believe the Gulfstream project is not only the right step but also a very crucial step in the right direction. I thank the board for their consideration of this project and I’m looking forward to the re-opening of this great landmark bringing people to Lake Worth who have always been hesitant and to finally showing off our town’s incredible Downtown and one of the best assets Lake Worth has to offer. Thank you.” [standing applause follows]

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