Friday, August 24, 2018

Writer Rachel Monroe is in Marfa, Texas, “I am going to write a book! Yay/yike!”

Next Friday, August 31st, will mark the two-year anniversary of writer Rachel Monroe’s piece published in the Oxford American about
this City of Lake Worth.

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Follow Rachel Monroe on Twitter on her quest to write a book for a major New York publisher: Click on this link.

And continue reading to learn more about this exceptional writer. If you didn’t know, Monroe visited our City of Lake Worth and spent a lot of time talking to people. This happened to be during one of our more, well, let’s just say spirited election seasons. And what Monroe later had published created quite the stir.

Without further ado. . .

From the Oxford American,
“Later that day I met with
Wes Blackman. . .”

As recently as 3–4 months ago was still getting surprised, incredulous calls and emails from people who just somehow happened to stumble across this article by Monroe in the Oxford American, titled “Monkeywrench”. Emails and people calling, “Why haven’t I seen this before!”

The article by Rachel Monroe really is a unique and highly interesting look back at what happened in our little City of Lake Worth back in 2015–2016.

After the article was published used several excerpts from this very lengthy, extremely well-written, and highly entertaining work. Recommend you read in it’s entirety when you have the time. Following the images from Everglades EarthFirst! (see below, “Yes! It is Happening”) is the first excerpt. For excerpt #2 use this link. From Monroe’s article:

“Most people in the room were not Floridians; instead, they lived in fringe towns—Ithaca, Bloomington, Oakland—where the rent was cheap enough that radical politics could flourish.” [emphasis added]

For excerpt #3 use this link:

“. . . I [writer Rachel Monroe] walked in late to find a dozen tattooed people pretending to be a machine. Tentatively at first and then with increasing enthusiasm, they pantomimed the pulling of levers and the pushing of buttons and other nonsensical but orderly tasks.

Without further ado, hope you enjoy the very first excerpt below the images from EF! (EarthFirst!) plastered all over town in February of 2016.

“. . . we will converge in Lake Worth . . . seating based on willingness to risk arrest. Hurrah!”

“Later that day I met with Wes Blackman, the blogger who’d been leading the anti-Hartman,* anti-musical faction. The anarchists’ nemesis. . .

. . . turned out to be a tall, broad-bodied man who spoke so reasonably and blandly—about the history of zoning ordinances in the town, and height restrictions, and other wonky city-planning topics—that I nearly forgot the rancor he embodied online. ‘I’m a liberal Democrat, but the political spectrum in Lake Worth is skewed so terribly that most people here would see me as a right-wing Republican type,’ he told me. ‘They think that money is an evil, that people having the ability to make money somehow is a bad thing, that there’s greed involved. That if someone’s making profits, that’s not the way it should be, and we should live at a subsistence level so other people can live better? I’ve really tried to figure it out, and I end up scratching my head.’ ”

Moving forward. . .

Following the 2015–2016 Election Season here in this City things began to return to normal. Well, at least as normal as it can be in this tiny municipality. It was a relatively uneventful Election Season in 2016–2017 when a long-sitting do-nothing finally got booted off the dais and the revolving door in another district revolved once again, the “spinning seat” some call it. But then in January 2018 things went nuts again.

An environmentalist from the Sierra Club and most prolific letter-writer to The Palm Beach Post thought he could become the mayor of Lake Worth. And as recent history has proven, it was downright delusional to think he couldn’t. But he didn’t win. He got clobbered.

And hope springs eternal. And much thanks to Rachel Monroe for chronicling what happened two years ago. And maybe even that ‘spinning seat’ will finally stop spinning next year following the upcoming 2018–2019 Election Season!

*“Hartman” is the Anarchist Ryan Hartman who lost in a landslide to then-Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell. To read Hartman’s fact-challenged concession message following that election use this link. An excerpt:

“By the end of the campaign, they [press] refused to even call me [Hartman] for interviews (in fact, Kevin Thompson [beat reporter at Post] lied in two of his articles about trying to contact me).

Where we are now: Commissioner Andy Amoroso is now Vice Mayor. Commissioner Maxwell faced the voters once again in March 2018. He won again. But this time to a three-year term. Maxwell’s challenger was endorsed by the Post.