Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Vintage postcards: Visitors to the little City of Lake Worth from “back in the day”

Below is a blog post from 2011 (and so are the four comments that follow, remember The Inimitable Tom McGow?). Thought you might enjoy browsing through some of the messages from tourists in Lake Worth from long ago: an interesting glimpse into our past.

A special thanks to Frank Palen for allowing me to borrow and scan these historical postcards:

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Anonymous said...

The post cards are delightful, we are a town with a great history. Wes does a great job in digging up and presenting great information on Lake Worth's past, and I commend him for it. I drop by this blog often and find the historical snippets interesting and a great intermezzo between the posts. To me it is indicative of his feelings for this city. His work volunteering many hours to the city further illustrates his love for this city. Wes has gone out of his way to help me with issues involving Lake Worth as well.

Now I do not agree with Wes on some of his views, and Wes graciously allows dissenting views to be posted here.

And I am sure that he is too nice to respond to the above comment, and I will understand if he doesn't care to post this, but:

How in heavens name is your post constructive, insightful or for that matter remotely funny?

I take offense at these types of comments or those that label renters as "Locusts". It is base, crude and does nothing to constructively address the problem.

I am the son of an immigrant (yes legal) and a renter. And I chose to make my comments using my name vs. dropping a venomous comment and hiding behind anonymity.

Keep the historical stuff coming Wes, it's priceless.

Tom McGow
N. L St

Jef Lawlor, Media Director said...

YES... lets keep the historical stuff... as in OUR MUSEUM! I am personally taking on a campaign to SAVE it. Please tell your friends to read about it on letters to the editor and join my crusade!

Your friends at The LAKE WORTH SCENE

Mark A. Parrilla said...


No wonder your blog has won all the awards it has. At least their is one local blog that is facts oriented void of doctored photos to insinuate "their" perception of a situation. I have deleted the bookmarks of the other three local blogs where I have wasted too much time searching for evidence of factual, intelligent, constructive and informative discussion.

Mark A. Parrilla

AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt said...

Love the legibility of the post cards, a charming by gone time.
I noticed that i have visited your blog for updates and info over 100 times since April. I have tried the other blog but somehow I was stymied because of it's structure. So, I remain your loyal reader.
Have a 2011 that you wish for yourself and the City of Lake Worth.

Anonymous said...

Last postcard is precious. If the Gulfstream does get turned into a assisted living-rehab facility most people wouldn’t care any more. At least lights are on & block will get cleaned up, something is better than nothing