Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Video: Meet Omari Hardy, candidate for District 2 in Lake Worth. Election Day is March 14th, 2017.

This was at public comment on unagendaed items at the City Commission last night (12/13). Dustin Zacks, at the 1:00 mark in the video, had a few things to say about my Michigan State Spartans. Remember Dustin my friend, there’s always next year.

At the 4:40 mark Omari Hardy comes to the podium:Following Hardy’s remarks Peggy Fisher has some interesting thoughts on the two-minute time limit for public comment. She thinks it should go back to three minutes again. The time limit was 3 minutes back in 2009 or so. It was commissioners Cara Jennings, Suzanne Mulvehill, et al. that lowered the limit to 2 minutes.

Maybe it’s time for 3 minutes again. Something for the City Commission to seriously consider.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Omari. Uphill battle all the way. Better get started fast & show he isn’t another Serge. No fault of Omari but many will be skeptical after what happened in ‘15. McVoy skipped right back into that seat & he’ll do it again w/out a tough campaign door-to-door starting yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Omari is highly dedicated to Lake Worth and running for Commissioner. He has been attending many meetings and getting out and meeting people for a few months now. I cannot imagine McVoy, with his ineffective and lazy track record, will come even the slightest bit close to Omari in votes. McVoy can go to all the doors he wants... still wont change the fact that he has done nothing for all his years on the dais.

Anonymous said...

McToy has been in office for four terms since his initial inglorious election into office in 2010. Do not underestimate the anarchist machine that backs him. He has never done anything for the people of Lake Worth and that has not stopped him from being re-elected over and over again. All he has done is be a monkey wrench in the gears of progress for Lake Worth. He talks down to the public as if he is some all knowing guru who possesses a PhD in soil! I wish any of his opponents Godspeed in their run against this tool who has been long overdue for an ousting back to being a civilian. He will cling to his position like a drowning man clinging to a deflating life preserver since it is his only job since he was fired from South Florida Water Management. Good riddance! I look forward to his defeat party!

cunucu said...

I could not agree more than that about McVoy!