Sunday, December 11, 2016

The agenda for next Tuesday’s City Commission meeting is available online

Commission meetings are available Live Streaming and later archived for the public. See that using this link. Check back to this blog later for how to watch these meetings live, in real time.

If you hear or read something about next Tuesday’s meeting take a few minutes and see for yourself if what you heard is true or not. Here is the link to the agenda.

When you open up the agenda look on the left side for the “Bookmarks” menu bar. Instead of scrolling through the entire agenda you can go directly to that item. For example, look in the bookmarks section for Item 12B - Ordinance 2017-02.

Later this weekend and on Monday will pull out more items of interest, what to pay special attention to. This is what jumped out right away, from pages 705–707:

A. Ordinance No. 2017-01 - First Reading - call for a charter referendum election and schedule the public hearing date for January 10, 2017
B. Ordinance No. 2017-02 - First Reading - prohibit conversion therapy on minors and schedule the public hearing date for January 10, 2017
C. Ordinance No. 2017-03 - First Reading - compensation adjustment for elected officials and schedule the public hearing date for January 10, 2017

What goes on at these meetings is very important. But what’s also important is what happens during the breaks. If you’re short on time, for example, go to the 50 second mark and the 2:00–2:20 mark to watch a splendid performance by one City commissioner:To watch more videos use this link to my Lake Worth YouTube channel. Look at the top right-hand corner for the red “Subscribe” button. Subscribers get an email when new videos have been uploaded.

If you plan to attend next Tuesday, try to get there early. Expect to see a big crowd.