Monday, December 19, 2016

Soon-to-be-President Donald Trump slams The Palm Beach Post: “This is not Walter Cronkite anymore, folks.”

FYI: Still awaiting a Facebook live chat by the editors at the Post with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. They held one to appease the Trump supporters so why not hold one with Clinton and Sanders supporters as well? Read more about that below. Anyhow. . . 

This quote from soon-to-be President Donald Trump at his rally last Saturday in Mobile (as reported by Lawrence Specker at will not make Trump supporters very happy in Palm Beach County:

“This is not Walter Cronkite anymore, folks. This is not the great Walter Cronkite.” He [Trump] says it’s still happening, saying the Palm Beach Post described him speaking to “hundreds” of people at a recent rally, where he claims 25,000 people or more.

On December 7th (this is not a joke), The Palm Beach Post editorial board held a “Facebook live chat with Trump voters” and. . . 

“We narrowed our invitation down to a dozen or so [emphasis added] Palm Beach County voters.”

However, that brings up the obvious question: Will the editors invite a “dozen or so” Democrats in for a Facebook live chat? Possibly discuss why the editorial board didn’t endorse Hillary? And they didn’t endorse Mr. Trump either. Why didn’t they make any endorsement?

And maybe the editors will discuss this too:

A full page ad in the Post preceding the Nov. 8th election. The editors need to “bridge that gap” with Democrats too, don’t you think?