Monday, December 5, 2016

From Jill Karlin: Visit Café Tecun in Downtown Lake Worth, “Latin Food With Love”

Jill Karlin forwarded me this write-up about Café Tecun (location and hours below) and here are two excerpts:

     What a delightful find catty-corner to Starbucks on ‘L’ Street in the old location of The Taco Lady is the new Latin restaurant Café Tecun. Family-owned and operated. Not only is the renovation clean and fresh but the food at Café Tecun is clean and fresh as well, you sense it the minute you open the door.
     The bright freshly painted walls are adorned with acknowledgments of the family’s Guatemalan origins. . . well not the entire family. When I asked the owner Sean which country he came from he answered in what we quickly came to find out is his very personable sense of humor, “North Miami”.

[and. . .]

     This hard working family opens the restaurant daily serving huevos rancheros, Cuban coffee, café con leche, Latin delights including tres leches, flan, and rice pudding which they make themselves. Everything. All homemade with love.
     Their byline is “Latin Food With Love” and this is the truth. This family pours their heart into everything they do.

  • Small, counter-serve restaurant with 6 small tables inside and 1 outside
  • Address: 7 North ‘L’ Street (around the corner from Andy’s newsstand at 600 Lake Ave.)
  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (closes at 10:00 on Sunday)
  • Phone: 561-260-3404