Monday, July 24, 2017

Draw your own conclusions: Why do blog posts about Lierre Keith draw so much attention on this blog?

As western sprawl continues unabated in South Florida and in Palm Beach County as well, west into the Everglades, do wish we had more of our radical environmentalists (“rad enviros”) here in this City step up and address this. And the City of Lake Worth — if you didn’t know, according to the Palm Beach New Times — had not one but two of the “19 Best Environmentalists in South Florida”.

Have those two ‘rad enviros’ in this City checked out the “New Homes” real estate section in The Palm Beach Post lately? And Palm Beach County has 39 cities now and another is looming on the horizon.

However, who came under almost constant withering attack and brutal criticism several years ago (and maybe still does) from the so-called radical environmentalist community? None other than Lierre Keith, a radical environmentalist herself. Could it be a strong, outspoken woman with controversial ideas threatens a lot of people and institutions? Should she just shut up and go away?

And consider this: Consistently, blog traffic about Lierre Keith draws a tremendous amount of traffic on this blog. Why would that be?

It could be her organization, Deep Green Resistance, is one filling the void in the radical environmental community left by groups like EarthFirst! and others. Whether you agree with her or not she does have big ideas and thoughts, something that’s lacking for many who are looking for debates in the radical space.

Lierre Keith is a radical environmentalist, author, feminist, member of Deep Green Resistance, and an ex-vegan recovering from years of not consuming animal protein. In the video below she explains why she chose to be a vegan in the first place and the terrible health consequences that lifestyle had on her health.

She wrote a wildly popular book titled The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability in 2009. Ms. Keith makes a compelling case against vegetarianism and why animal protein is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Lierre Keith has “stirred the pot” if you will in other ways as well. She was in the forefront of a vociferous and acrimonious debate about transgenderism — suffice to say she’s not a big fan. Here is an article in The New Yorker subtitled, “The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism”. She is a very interesting woman with strong beliefs and is not shy about sharing them with the world.

Enjoy the video and remember, Free Speech isnt just for people you agree with:

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