Monday, May 28, 2018

WARNING. A new idea is below. New ideas can be very upsetting for some here in Lake Worth. You’ve been warned.

And it’s also important to remember this blog is not required reading. If you get upset and yell, “Clutch The Pearls!”, it’s your fault.

Last chance.

From an article by Peter Schorsch at the SaintPetersBlog titled, “Can public drinking revitalize downtowns?” are these first 4 paragraphs:

     In an attempt to bring tourists and young people back to aging downtown districts, many cities have legalized outdoor drinking — and it has been somewhat successful in revitalizing those areas, according to an article from The Pew Charitable Trusts.
     In 2016, cities in Mississippi and Ohio legalized “outdoor refreshment areas,” zones where patrons can carry drinks in the street, often in plastic containers rather than cans or glass bottles.
     The new wave of cities follows similar laws passed in Nashville; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Mobile, Alabama, in recent years in an effort to draw in millennials and boomers to turn around lagging downtown districts. [emphasis added]
     Most of these refreshment areas cover a pre-defined zone with police patrolling the borders to keep alcohol, and the rowdy behavior that sometimes accompanies it, from spreading into other areas of the city.

Just for fun, think of places for an ‘outdoor refreshment area’ here in Lake Worth:
  • Near the Artists Lofts on the west side of Dixie Hwy.?
  • Following the monthly Critical Mass bike ride in Bryant Park? That way riders wait until after the ride to imbibe.
  • A neighborhood somewhere near the Downtown that wants more attention from the “drive-by” public?
  • Neglected lots or vacant eyesores somewhere on Federal Hwy.? Dixie Hwy.? 

An event such as this might help draw more Boomers, Millennials, and those of the Hipster variety too. But there’s the risk of attracting more Anarchists from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale as well. A definite downside but a potential upside as well: many of those Anarchists will become Apatharchists over time as many have in Lake Worth already.

A lot to take into consideration if anyone wants to push this idea forward and “test the waters”, errr, the cold beer in plastic cups I mean.