Sunday, March 5, 2017

Infill development and Lake Worth history: The one constant is constant change.

Many of the things City residents take for granted wouldn’t exist today were it not for infill development: Bryant Park, ‘Hot Dog Park’*, the City’s Golf Course, Park of Commerce, and the County’s John Prince Park are just a few.

For another example of infill development, coastal hardening and protection, you’ll be interested to learn what happened after the hurricanes of 1947 and 1949: Hard to believe now but A1A used to hug the coastline east of the Casino building.

Later on in the 1950’s the area west of the Casino building was “filled in”. That is where the large Casino parking lot is located and where the Farmer’s Market meets every Saturday. This first image is from Facebook and the next two color images are courtesy of Frank Palen, a long-time City resident many of you know very well:
Aerial view looking south likely pre-WWII. A1A hugs the coast in front of the former Casino structure. Then later, in the 1950’s. . .
Note the location of the pool (rear of building). The current municipal pool is nearing its end and there will need to be a community discussion about that. A design such as this is something to think about or another location in the City.
Notice all the parking close by the former Casino and short walk to the beach. The present structure has parking and traffic problems of which most of you are aware. Those weren’t issues “back in the day”.

*Many residents of Lake Worth will fondly recall why that area (base of the former Lake Worth bridge) was called “Hot Dog Park”. It had to do with ‘free hot dogs’ on a July 4th back in 2009. Former resident and blogger-extraordinaire Tom McGow explained this quite well in a post titled, “PAC your lunch for the 4th of July. . .”.

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