Saturday, July 29, 2017

You won’t believe a Letter to the Editor about Brightline published in the Post.

Last Thursday took a tour of the new Brightline Station in West Palm Beach. Later today will have more photos and additional information.

However, back in 2015 if you recall, the rumors, mis- and disinformation about All Aboard Florida (now called Brightline) was at a fever pitch portending doom and gloom and the fall of Western Civilization. This all culminated in December 2015 when the editor at the Post published a letter (see below) that had some people laughing silly, others just incredulous, but mostly readers just wondering how something so ridiculous could make it through the editorial process.

Can you see the V in the photo below? Are you disturbed by that? Is it affecting your “calmness” in any detectable way?
The Brightline train station in 2015–early 2016 under construction in West Palm Beach.

Enjoy this letter that got published in December 2015. Click on image to enlarge:
Do you think the letter V is “disturbing” and “disrupting the calmness of our state?

Remember I had a mouthful of coffee which went spewing all over the table when I first saw this letter in the Post. My first thought was how happy the letter wasn’t written by a Lake Worth resident.

Second thing that came to mind is, “Hey, is that an image of Jesus on my toast?” The letter V is not a logo for Brightline. The image that is “disturbing” to the letter writer is a replica of one of the architectural structure supports that will hold up the train station. 

Image from 2015 of the proposed Brightline station in West Palm Beach.

Maybe to quell any public anxiety the architects should have turned the supports upside down to form an A?
The image inverted. What do you think? Does the A look better or do you prefer the V? Would letter Q have worked? Or J?

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