Wednesday, May 18, 2016

[PINNED POST*] Spread the Word—Workshop tonight by City's Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB)

To learn one reason (among many) why this workshop came to be use this link.

Yesterday afternoon the agenda for the HRPB meeting was uploaded to the City's website. Here is the link.

The City's calendar has an error for today's meeting. It IS NOT a joint workshop with the Planning and Zoning Board as the calendar has it.

Public comment (3 minutes) will be allowed at this meeting so if you have comments or concerns about historic preservation in Lake Worth make plans to be at City Hall at 6:00. 

Again, please share this information with your neighbors, neighborhood, and others interested in this very important topic in this City.
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Anonymous said...

Might be smart to move this to the Playhouse or Casino ballroom. Lots and lots of property owners waited a long time for this meeting.

Anonymous said...

How can you list all the issues you have in two minutes of public comment. Had the same problem with the code workshop. (which accomplished little)

Anonymous said...

All for historic preservation, don't mind the review process and agree that historic structures should be maintained.

On the other hand, it shouldn't take 6 months to get a roof permit and the historic board shouldn't be able to force a home owner to replace a roof that costs almost triple what it would cost to do an upgraded roofing material (i.e. metal roof) and quadruple what it would cost to do asphalt shingles. I'm okay with historic preservation saying you need to use like material, i.e. if you have a metal roof you need to stay with a metal roof but forcing the exact same materials is crazy.

I'd prefer historic preservation focus more on keeping character of the neighborhood by not allowing giant mansions next to tiny historic cottages and focusing more on preservation of the structures and way less on forcing homeowners to install very expensive roofs that really don't contribute much to the character of a home. Replacing a silver metal roof with another silver metal roof should be within code. Forcing a homeowner to replicate the current roof that is 75 years old at great expense is ludicrous. And if the city is going to force $20,000 roofs on small cottages then City should give up all taxes from that home owner for the next 10 years, some sort of significant tax abatement beyond the current program.

Signed, still waiting for my roof permit six months later.

Kevin Brennan said...

Anonymous asked,

Will tonight's meeting be on YouTube.

Wes Blackman said...

Yes, I plan to attend and record the meeting. It should also be streamed live via the city's feed from the Commission Chambers. The YouTube videos that I take will be up and available sometime tomorrow morning.