Thursday, May 5, 2016

News from Amy Woods: "How South Florida Is Becoming A Burgeoning Market For Medical Tourism"

This in-depth and lengthy article appears in The Palm Beacher. Below are two excerpts:

     "An accomplished author, editor and speaker on the topic of destination marketing, as well as one of the founders of the Medical Tourism Association, Stephano [see below*] says her goal entails building a bridge between health care providers such as Jupiter Medical Center and Broward Health and their respective convention and visitor bureaus.
     'Collaboration is key,' Stephano says. 'Right now, every one of the health care providers is left to fend for themselves in creating business. It's not the hospitals' job to market the destination.' ”

[and. . .]

      "Experts says that medical tourists spend more and stay longer than traditional tourists and often bring extended family members to support them during the recovery process. Those relatives eat in local restaurants, patronize neighborhood stores and treat themselves to some form of entertainment during the length of their visits." [emphasis added]

*Renee-Marie Stephano is president of the Medical Tourism Association in Palm Beach Gardens.