Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lake Worth got cheated: Why was the story about Roberto Carcelen buried in the Saturday paper?

In the Post's "In Your Community" section Lake Worth is special over and over and over again, each and every Monday. (Question: why can't cities like Greenacres and Lantana be special too?)
A very good article about Lake Worth wasn't quite good enough for the Special Monday edition. It ended up being buried in the Saturday (5/28) 'D' section, below the fold, at the very bottom of the page under the above the fold feature, "The Power of Panini".

Here are two short excerpts from the article about Lake Worth resident Roberto Carcelen:

LAKE WORTH — Lake Worth’s Roberto Carcelen is an Olympic celebrity, of sorts — a Peruvian Michael Phelps, just minus all the gold medals.
     In 2010, the cross-country skier became Peru’s first winter Olympian when he qualified to compete in Vancouver, Canada at the 2010 Games. Four years later, Carcelen competed in Sochi, Russia in the Men’s 15 kilometer classic race where his status grew from celebrity to legend.

[and. . .]

     They looked at homes in such historic neighborhoods as El Cid and Southland Park in West Palm Beach, but wound up settling in Lake Worth, one block east of Federal Highway.
     “We fell in love with the city,” said Carcelen [emphasis added], a surfer. “That it’s so close to the beach was a huge selling point for us. It feels like we’re in the tropics.”

Kind of makes you wonder why this story didn't make the Monday edition, doesn't it? For everyone with an interest in the goings-on in Lake Worth here are some suggestions:
And, of course, there's The Lake Worth Herald too.