Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Just a few thoughts on last nights (5/17) City Commission meeting

Wasn't able to attend the meeting but did catch some of the action via the City's web feed. Here are some thoughts and observations:
  • The double-standard by commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy was on full display: They want to know every future possibility vis-à-vis the future of the downtown 'Chamber' building but are just fine with upzoning residential neighborhoods (allowing 'home occupations') when no one has any clue what the future may hold if that should ever happen? How does one square those two positions?
  • The much-heralded Sister City Board revival by Maier wasn't able to muster a quorum at their first meeting. Hopefully that will change at the next meeting; if there is one.
  • After the presentation by the County on cats and the TNVR program it's clear any hope to save our native birds is over for good. The cats are firmly in control now. Time to move on to the next battle. Take pictures of the birds while you still can.
  • Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell had an interesting observation: The Coast Guard Auxiliary gave a presentation and they noted the 650 boating fatalities last year nationally. Maxwell later noted all the overdoses (500+) in just the County as a matter of perspective. Something to think about.
  • And Commissioner McVoy just loves the NAPC now! Funny how the upcoming March elections next year put a new perspective on things. Will back massages for the NAPC presidents be next?