Sunday, May 8, 2016

Just a reminder: Are you considering a run for a City Commission seat?

Districts 2 and 4 are on the ballot next March in Lake Worth. Would you like some training on what is required of a candidate and answers to other FAQ's?

Coming up on March 12th, March 24th, and June 1st is training held by the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections. Use this link to sign up.

For more on election day in March of 2017 and the deadlines to be met, look for "Deadline fast approaching to get your name on March 2017 ballot" in the right-hand column of this blog.

Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

How many of McVoy and Joane Goldens cronies were caught attempting voter fraud this past election? a good dozen or so? Luckily there were plenty of poll watchers to stop them. They all claimed they forgot they voted absentee ballot weeks prior. Sudden amnesia. Two of them so busy suing the City over the Gulfstream to remember if they voted absentee or not? Poll watchers will be out en masse next election McVoy so good luck with the fraud.