Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Come play pickleball in Lake Worth every Wednesday! And you might be surprised to learn about all the parks in this City

Use this link to learn more about the City's parks. Here is a list of some you might want to visit some day:
  • Bryant Park
  • Bryant Park South (which includes the boat ramp)
  • Constitution Park
  • Howard Park
  • Lend a Hand Park
  • Harlod Grimes Memorial Park
  • Northwest Park and ballfields
  • Tropical Ridge Fitness Park
  • Pocket parks: Small, passive parks are all over the City
  • South Palm Park
  • Spillway Park
  • Sunset Ridge Park (where pickleball is played, see below)
  • And, of course, the Casino and beach complex
Bring a couple dollar bills and show up at Sunset Ridge Park for pickleball. Call 561-533-7363 for more information:

To learn more about Pickleball use this link and here is a video from NBC Nightly News!