Saturday, May 14, 2016

This weekend, why not check out the City's pool? It's still there and so is the BEACH!

Below are just three of my many videos to choose from on my YouTube channel (for a wide selection see below). Most of these videos don't get a tremendous amount of attention since they're mostly of Lake Worth City Commission meetings and other topics about this little City; so the audience is, well, not very large.

However, this video of the Lake Worth's pool got a lot of attention and there's recent news too. See if you can spot Your's Truly and the new pool manager, Sally Welsh:
This next one is Commissioner Andy Amoroso smacking down claims made by a few in the Residences (not the "Residents") of Lake Osborne (ROLO). In a funny side note, in City offices and around town this 'neighborhood association' is referred to as "The Hermit Kingdom":
The video below is a special treat for everyone who fell for the empty promises by Commissioner Maier on wanting to bring more opportunities to the City. Maier's Big Idea hasn't been brought up one single time since he was elected; he's been a commissioner for well over a year now:
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The next City Commission meeting is this Tuesday, 5/17, in City Hall beginning at 6:00. Maybe Maier will bring up his Big Idea again about a "new college" in the City or maybe one of his former supporters will remind him.