Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Update on the Lake Worth Municipal Pool and yes, the BEACH! is still there too

Been to the pool lately? Use this link or call 561-585-6858 to learn more.
I thought you'd be interested in my interaction with an out of town guest on Monday at our pool. After my exercise routine was chatting with one of the regular lap swimmers. We talked about how we plan our day around pool visits, trying to adjust our schedules to when the pool is open. We chatted about other pools in the area (Lake Lytal is one) and how they compare with the Lake Worth pool. It turned out to be a favorable comparison except for the limited hours. It just so happens that the swimmer I was talking to lives in Jensen Beach and regularly drives to Boca Raton. She plans her day so that she stops to swim at our pool in the mornings. That really is a testament to the destination, or drawing power, of a good pool.

A few feet from where we were talking there was a woman who I hadn't seen before. She introduced herself as she overheard us talking. It turns out she was from upstate New York, around Ithaca. She was here with her 14 year old son to escape the cold. When she woke up on April 5th it was −4° with snow on the ground; she decided to buy plane tickets for Florida.

She couldn't say enough good things about our pool and said she was jealous we had this available to us all year long. She has a mild medical condition and being in the sun helps. This is someone who is enough a regular swimmer that she had prescription swim goggles. She said she usually swims at the Ithaca College pool. If you check out that link you can see the jumble of different hours the pool is open to the public.

She joined our conversation by saying people who use pools frequently always talk about the same thing, "I wish the pool had more convenient hours." It turns out we're not alone.

For those of you who don't know, Sally Welsh is now the official pool manager employed by the City. She started last week, April 18th. Sally was a lifeguard at the beach, has taught swim lessons and now leads the water aerobic class. The current start time for the class is 10:00 on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. By the way, she's looking for more lifeguards.

So. . . the pool is still there. So is the beach. And no one seems to be in a state of panic or hysteria about anything. By the way, if you happen to be visiting from out of town and see a red/white sign with something about the beach and/or pool look in the right-hand column of this blog for, "Is Lake Worth selling its BEACH! Of course not." That will help explain things.

Now to all you residents of Lake Worth: Been to the pool lately?