Friday, August 4, 2017

TODAY. Always the first Friday of the month: Lake Worth’s Critical Mass bike ride.

Besides the Critical Mass ride it’s Evening on the Avenues on today as well (details below).

Use this link for more information on events in the City of Lake Worth, both new and ongoing, and so much more.

Are you a Boomer? Hipster Millennial or Apatharchist? If you’ve never been on a Critical Mass ride you don’t know what you’re missing. Get on that Dutch Style 7-Speed Step-Thru Hybrid 44cm Cream Commuter Road bike and show up tonight. Don’t have a bike? Use this link to locate the closest SkyBike kiosk.

Not sure what a Hipster Millennial or Apatharchist is? Then use this link to find out and also learn why World Thrift here in Lake Worth is the most popular thrift store east of the Mississippi River!

The Critical Mass ride in LDub is always on the first Friday of each month and begins at 7:30 sharp. The start time is a major rule for the leaders of this group (more details below). Here’s a video of a previous LDub bike ride:
Here’s more information about the Critical Mass bike ride:
“Brought to you by the Good People of Lake Worth”, so leave your sociogeoanarchopolitical agendas at home!

Things to remember:
  • The ride is AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • Ride meets at Bryant Park along the Intracoastal near Lake Ave.
  • Ride leaves at 7:30 SHARP (the start time is a major rule so don’t be late)
  • Helmets for children 16 years old and younger ARE REQUIRED BY LAW
  • Lights are REQUIRED (Red [rear] and white [front])

On your way to the ride stop by Evening on the Avenues (starts at 6:00) and visit the NAPC Front Porch too:
Before and after your Critical Mass bike ride go to the Cultural Plaza for Evening on the Avenues.

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