Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Did you get a scary RoboCall yesterday? The reality about height limits in the little City of Lake Worth

One of the challengers to Mayor Pam Triolo sent out a RoboCall yesterday that said huge, tall buildings were going to be built all over the City. This is simply not true.

It was the current majority on the City Commission led by Mayor Pam Triolo that lowered height limits throughout the City. Here is an excerpt from Mayor Triolo's State of the City Address:
[M]ost of the tall buildings that were built years earlier east of Federal Highway cannot happen under our new rules. The height restrictions we placed in the Comp Plan actually reduced the allowed heights that were in the previous code the City was functioning under when I first arrived in office.
Within the 12 block hotel district east of Federal Highway, the limit is 45 feet with one exception. Only a hotel of 50 rooms or more can go to the 65 foot height allowed in the Charter. Contrary to false statements put out there for political purposes, the Commission lowered heights across the City’s neighborhoods to 35 feet or less for Single Family Residential and 30 feet for Single Family Two. And we did so to protect our neighborhoods and again preserve our small town character.
So. . .on your walk to the polling location if anyone mentions gigantic buildings being built all over the City now you know the truth. And did you happen to have a "Dear Neighbor" letter dropped in your mailbox? Read about that latest election trick using this link.