Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Can I have just one moment of your time to ask you one question?

All three incumbents were endorsed, enthusiastically, by The Palm Beach Post and pretty much all other legitimate endorsing organizations. If you've been following some blogs, Facebook pages, mailers, and/or had someone come to your door and say that Mayor Triolo, Vice Mayor Maxwell, and Commissioner Amoroso have violated the public trust. . .

Then here's the question: Why would The Palm Beach Post endorse them?

The answer, of course, is all three incumbents have behaved ethically and professionally despite what the critics want you to believe. The image below is from the editorial penned on Wednesday, March 9th:


Vote for Pam, Andy and Scott! said...

A lot of people just write down the newspaper endorsements and take that to the voting booth. After the Post endorsed the 2014 bond vote everybody thought that sealed the deal. Didn’t quite work out and lost by a few votes. A lot of people were disenfranchised and turned away at the polls for that vote. Hopefully that won’t happen this time. Look at it this way. Cast your vote for Mayor Pam, Maxwell and Amoroso to get the streets fixed. If the cabal gets back in charge the city is really screwed. Vote to keep this city moving forward!

Anonymous said...

Now the cabal is questioning what "Keep Lake Worth Moving Forward" means. Of course, they don't want anything positive to take place in this city. Look at their words and actions -
You "just need to get use to living in a ghetto."
A constant stream of lies about selling the beach
A lawsuit against the City to delay restoring and reopening the Gulfstream hotel
Misinformation and lies about infrastructure work in the Park of Commerce and the grant funds received that can only be used for economic development

If the cabal wants to stay stuck in the past, each of them can do just that. The City of Lake Work is improving and growing.

Russ said...

Late to the game but true to form, we just received a robocall from Diane Jacques urgently spewing the usual lies: incumbents in the pockets of Big Developers, secret meeting and special deals for Hudson Holdings, and >gasp!< they're giving the beach away. Anyone paying attention won't fall for this crap, but don't take chances. Talk with your neighbors about how important this election is for our little town, and encourage everyone to VOTE.

Greg Rice said...

Here’s who the Palm Beach Post endorses for all the candidates running for office in throughout PB County as well as ballot questions in several cities. Be sure to vote and thank you veterans for giving us the opportunity to do so!