Thursday, April 28, 2016

Come and play pickleball in Lake Worth! Make plans for next Wednesday.

Here is a letter from a big fan of pickleball in Lake Worth (he's also a big fan of the lowercase letters too):

"recently (due to a reference in the Palm Beach Post), i discovered the pickleball program run by your rec dpt at one of your many parks

while a big fan of Lake Worth for many reasons for many years, this discovery only furthered my appreciation of your city's progressive vision

you've done it right, and you've done it well - both the courts and program supervision are excellent (it must feel great to be so far ahead of the curve!)

just about the only way you could improve the current program, and i apologize for even bringing it up since knowing you, you've probably already thought of this and are implementing it even as i write, would be to add lights for evening play

bill cragun"

To learn more about Pickleball use this link and here is a video from NBC Nightly News!