Thursday, February 11, 2016

Another video from the South Palm Park debate on 2/8 (and why many of my YouTube audience are upset with me)

Here is the link to my YouTube channel and on the right side is a tab to become a subscriber and get updates on new videos and more. The next video is at the bottom of this blog post and I'll explain a little later why many of my YouTube audience is upset with me. First some things about the video and the candidate debate last Monday night:
  • The Anarchist Ryan Hartman was feeling ill and/or queasy and couldn't attend.
  • Diane Jacques missed this debate and that's 2 out of 3 now she's missed. Mayor Pam Triolo was there. 
  • At the beginning of the video Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell explains how elections in Lake Worth are non-partisan and everyone votes city-wide; not just for their particular district. 
  • At the 14:20 mark challenger Frank McAlonan praises PBSO and thinks the City should spend more money for more services from the Sheriff. 
  • At the 16:20 mark Commissioner Amoroso talks about the failed business plan at the Lake Worth Casino and explains the "disconnect" about beach parking revenue; the original plan was not for the City to rely on parking revenue to fund the Casino like it does now. 
  • At the 23:30 mark Mayor Triolo talks about the Park of Commerce (POC) and the myth about the City owning all the land in the POC. Much of that land is privately owned and pays taxes to the City of Lake Worth. 
Now. . .why so many of YouTube audience is upset with me and shouldn't be. I got to the debate early and set up the tripod, camera, and the sound device in a good spot to video the debate. It was afterwards that woman with the odd demeanor and strange antics sat in front of the camera. She's the one in the red, multi-piece jumper and brown, straight hair with puffy cheeks.

Throughout the videos (all 4 of them) the woman in red make faces, picks her nose (note the 26:1026:45 mark, for example), acts out inappropriately, and generally acts very uncivilized. She pretends to be Pinocchio at times, apparently when she thinks someone is lying. Some people think I set up the camera to get this show on video and that is not the case at all. For those of you offended by that woman's behavior the best suggestion is ignore her and pay attention to the questions and answers by the elected leaders and the challengers who think they have a better idea.

Enjoy the video!