Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Peeing in public is "no big deal", said Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier at the City Commission on 1/19/16

I wasn't able to attend the Lake Worth City Commission tonight and take video. I watched from home. However, the City's video will be public soon and I can snip that part of the discussion.

The new meme is "You're Not Any Better". Note that no one is claiming to be "any better" than anyone else but the meme makes people think that some people, like the business community for example, is claiming they are. That is not true. So stay tuned.

Lake Worth Commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy continue to take the focus off the City's streets and other safety issues to focus on one group and only one group—the homeless.

Election day in Lake Worth is March 15th. Do you think peeing in public like on Lake Ave. in front of your children is "no big deal"? In front of your home? Your business?

Stay tuned for the video to come soon.