Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Frank McAlonan: the District 3 candidate challenging Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso

There's not a whole lot to say except the impression many people got was Frank McAlonan wasn't very comfortable with the positions he took on many issues. Put another way, he looked like he was coached at the first debate and he'll have another chance coming up soon at the next debate.

If you attended the last debate or have been paying attention you've heard the term, "critical thinking". This is the latest meme being used that doesn't mean anything. However, when you call yourself a 'critical thinker' you imply the person opposite you on a topic isn't a 'critical thinker', or if you prefer, a stupid person. Anyone who knows or has listened to Commissioner Amoroso knows how smart he is and hopefully Mr. McAlonan isn't trying to imply that Amoroso's intellect is impaired in any way. Maybe McAlonan will clear that up at the next debate.

Here is someone's views on McAlonan's performance at the last debate from The Obtuse Blogger's (TOB's) unhinged blog:
Anyhow, Lake Worth's local beat reporter for The Palm Beach Post has yet to report anything about the first debate and maybe he'll report on the second debate. Or he can just watch my videos on YouTube. At some point he's going to have to mention that an Anarchist is challenging Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell. Or maybe that pertinent fact will never be reported like then-candidate Ryan Maier's claim he was a member of a board in the City?
Ryan Hartman looks very different now. He's become a Hipster!