Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Because of Maier and McVoy your inadequate street lighting and other safety issues weren't discussed at our Lake Worth City Commission meeting

It's anyone's guess what the spin will be in The Palm Beach Post tomorrow about the Lake Worth City Commission meeting last night (1/19). Another wedge issue to divide the City, one of many that come up every election season: it's homelessness this time. We can all hope the editorial board at the Post has some sense to keep things in perspective, but don't count on it.

The City has many issues to deal with and to have another meeting hijacked by a single issue should disturb everyone. The streets need to be fixed, there are still neighborhoods with an inadequate number of fire hydrants, the lighting needs to be addressed but. . .none of those issues was talked about. THE top issue was the homeless. My heart goes out to all those people that have been hoping for relief in communities that need help so desperately. They've been pushed to the back of the line. Again. It was a sickening display and an embarrassment.

Two Lake Worth commissioners, Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy, got their marching orders and they played it out. A whole bunch of people from Sarasota were brought to the meeting I'm told. All of them for one issue: the homeless. On their way to the City Commission chambers and time spent in the City was that all they saw? Just homeless people? Did they not see the potholes and the dark street corners? To them none of that matters from now until election day on March 15th. Now it's all about the homeless people and no one else, nothing else matters.

Cumulatively, this is will damage the City's image and hurt many businesses in town, especially the ones downtown. None of that matters because it's the slash and burn strategy to win one or more seats on the City Commission so Maier and McVoy will have a friendly face on their new majority to chip away at everything the previous majority did that they don't like. And you wonder why the streets are in such bad shape.

Commissioner Maier slipped and said something he shouldn't have: The truth. Below is a video from the City's website. It's grainy and a little out-of-focus but you'll be able to hear clearly what he says at the City Commission meeting that was almost all about the homeless. If you are a resident or a business owner you'll be comforted knowing that Maier doesn't think somebody peeing on your property or business front door is "that big a deal". Commissioner Amoroso objected but, other than on this blog, you'll likely never hear a mention of that. And you'll never see Maier's quote anywhere else either, where he says peeing in public is not "that big a deal".
JoAnn Golden et al appear to have assembled a small army to knock on doors and if she succeeds the City will once again go into a tailspin. And then another election next year and another wedge issue to divide us will pop up a few months prior.

Here is the link to send Maier's quote to everyone you know:

Will it wake anyone up? Maybe or maybe not. But it's worth a try.