Sunday, April 16, 2017

The blog “Florida Backroads Travel”. . . and our historic, significant Gulfstream Hotel is still untouched, a vacant eyesore in our Downtown.

There is a very interesting website called Florida Backroads Travel. In a blog post titled Florida Historic Hotels there’s this about historic hotels:

     Many of them were masterpieces of architecture of that golden era; many of them also deteriorated over the years as more modern motels and hotels popped up all over Florida.
     Thanks to good old capitalism and the huge population explosion in Florida from the 1950s until now, many of these grand old ladies have been renovated and can stand up to any luxury hotel or motel in the state.
      You can
’t go wrong staying at one of these great old places. All of them are on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Our iconic Gulfstream Hotel here in Lake Worth is cited as a place for visitors to stay. One problem: the historic hotel downtown isn’t open and hasn’t been for many years.

Read about the history of the Gulfstream Hotel that was a popular feature 4-part series in the Coastal Observer. 

Remember — these historic hotels were originally built to serve hotel guests arriving by train. 

One of my favorites from my postcard collection.
Another historic view: the Gulfstream Hotel from the Town of Palm Beach across the Intracoastal (Lake Worth Lagoon).