Saturday, December 31, 2016

Worth Another Look: January 1st, 1942. Celebrating the New Year at our Gulfstream Hotel: “Everything Florida Has — We Have”

Short on time? Scroll down to see the “Gala New Year’s Party” and other images from 75 years ago and, as always, Thank You for visiting and have a Happy New Year! Thought you might be interested in a tour I took of the hotel four years ago while under previous ownership. Toured the hotel from top to bottom and the structure is indeed impressive. From the roof the views are vast of “the Palm Beach Area” (note the first image below).

The roof was (and still is) used by a cell phone company with an array of equipment outside and inside the building that made a constant ‘whirring’ sound. The hallways and stairs I noticed were completely clear of any debris or obstructions but the individual rooms were torn apart like they were being renovated. It was like the crew doing the work went on lunch break, years ago, and haven’t returned to finish the work. On the top two floors there was some water damage which is to be expected.

Interestingly, the hotel had running water when I was there. The rooms have very small bathrooms, tiny closets, and barely enough room for common amenities the modern-day hotel customer is accustomed to. Most of the rooms I looked through were on the top four floors and surmised all the hotel’s rooms were in a similar condition. 

The lobby and first floor are incredible and you can imagine a visitors’ joy arriving to the hotel fresh off a Henry Flagler train to escape the northern cold. Most of the first floor, when I was there, was being used for furniture storage and it was all kept in an orderly fashion. Below the hotel’s first (main) floor is the boiler room and maintenance areas and that was like a step back in time, like a movie scene from the 1930s or 1940s.

I’ve made this observation many times on this blog and will do so once again: it’s a near miracle the hotel is still standing tall in our downtown. So many of these historic structures are long gone now and are just memories in a book or computer file that nobody, or very few, care to look at any more. 

I hope you enjoy at look back at New Year’s Day at the Gulf Stream Hotel 74 years ago:

“Everything Florida Has — We Have”
New Year’s Dinner at the Gulf Stream Hotel: January 1st, 1942.
The Gala: New Year’s party on the Gulf Stream Patio and Cocktail Lounge: December 30th, 1941.

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