Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lake Worth commissioner comments and reports from the 12/8/15 city commission meeting

Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and commissioners Chris McVoy and Ryan Maier comment about their participation in the Climate Change Summit held recently in Key West. Stay tuned for much more on this. I think many in attendance were surprised we weren't treated to a long-winded lecture from McVoy about climate change and sea level rise and why we should hold off doing anything for fear of what might happen like infrastructure projects and neighborhood lighting, for example.

And there was a faux pas from the summit in Key West that made it into the Miami Herald. Someone (McVoy?) gave a reporter a lot of false information about the Living Shoreline project at the City's Bryant Park. Hopefully, this will all be straightened out in commissioner comments to come.

Maybe Commissioner McVoy can also explain this to the community: