Thursday, December 17, 2015

Honoring the veterans who passed away who deserve their proper respect: The Veteran's Urn Project

The latest news on this is from Stephanie Berzinski at ABC25/WPBF. Once again she has the location wrong, this news is not from Lake Worth as you'll discover below. In the latest development, the Missing in America Project is teaming up with the South Florida Woodworking Guild to construct urns for the remains of veterans who haven't been claimed.

The South Florida Woodworking Guild builds wooden boxes for the remains of American veterans. Many of these remains are in cardboard boxes or kept in other ways. Read more about this on their website.
You may have caught this story by Katie Johnson at NBC5/WPTV or Stephanie Berzinski at ABC25/WPBF and, if you weren't paying close attention might think the "Lake Worth" cemetery referred to was our Pinecrest Cemetery here in the City of Lake Worth. It's not.

The cemetery where this work is being done is the South Florida National Cemetery out past the Florida Turnpike and south of Wellington. I hope that clears up any confusion. For more information you can call the cemetery at 561-649-6489.