Saturday, December 5, 2015

From Vox: "America's gun problem, explained"

After the massacre in San Bernardino the conversation about guns and Muslim extremists/terrorists is going on and politicians are falling all over themselves to get in front of a TV camera. Read this paragraph from a sobering article in Vox:
     But it seems that we as a nation just aren't willing to look, or else don't sufficiently mind what we see, when these events occur. Even the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut — in which a gunman killed 20 young children, six school personnel, and himself — catalyzed no significant change at the federal level and most states. Since then, there have been, by some estimates, 986 mass shootings, and there is every reason to believe there will be more to come.
Did you know 63% of gun deaths are suicides? What's going to happen is the hysteria over terrorism is going to drive more people to gun stores and then more guns in homes. The following death count from suicide, domestic homicides, stolen guns, and accidents will dwarf any numbers by mass shootings. Here is the video accompanying the article by Vox: