Thursday, December 10, 2015

ANOTHER bicyclist struck in Lake Worth last night (12/9)

Here is the news from the Post and not many details yet. Last month another bicyclist was killed crossing 10th Ave. North and his actions were a big contributing factor to his death.

Now what happened to me last Saturday night on Dixie Hwy near the latest crash at 5:45 pm. Almost struck a white guy on a bike crossing Dixie (west to east) and that's the only reason I didn't hit him, his white skin was the only thing visible. He was wearing a dark hat, dark clothes, no bike lights, and no visible reflectors, and the bike was a dark color.

My honked horn didn't faze him at all and he continued across Dixie to parts unknown. This latest crash probably wasn't an accident. There's a big difference between a "crash" and an "accident". Accidents happen all the time but crashes are almost always avoidable.

If you're on a bike at night wear light-color clothing, have reflectors, and lights (front [white] and back [red]). Even then there's no guarantee you won't be hit by someone texting or changing radio stations. . .like that brainiac who rides up and down Federal Hwy in the street with all the safety equipment at night. . .it's only a matter of time.