Saturday, November 21, 2015

GMO myths debunked: Why the debate has become more reasonable sans the uninformed anxiety

It does seem that the debate about GMO's has shifted quite dramatically. Not long ago remember the anxiety about GMO's got people marching in the streets locally in a 'protest' if you want to call it that. The impact of that protest hovers around zero and probably drew more customers to Chipotle in the end. GMO salmon was recently approved and it was all over the news; NBC5/WPTV did a news segment on that. The public's reaction seems to be "who cares?"

GMO mosquitoes that slow the insects breeding process are coming to Florida if they're not already here. Did you know mosquitoes kill more humans each year than any other living thing? Other than other humans, of course. GMO yellow rice is helping to solve the food crisis around the world and a kiwi smoothie would be a dream were it not for altering the fruits DNA.

Answers are being sought to solve citrus greening problem in Florida but ultimately the answer will be found in a few years in a lab. Without an answer to that problem all the license plates in the state will need to be switched: What's the point of having oranges on plates if their aren't any orange trees left?

Last year remember the local hysteria over GMO's here in Lake Worth, FL was at a fever pitch. Happened to walk by a booth downtown with anti-GMO literature and a very nice lady told me a lot of frightening things such as GMO's were responsible for the declining bee population, yellow rice was a menace, and we were all going to die. Needless to say, she wasn't a big fan of Monsanto.

This website might be why the debate has shifted:
This is a website for those concerned about GMO's. They take questions from anyone and they have a group of experts who will give you an answer. Why don't you try it and see what happens? Let me know what happens. I'll publish your question and the answer you receive here.