Sunday, November 15, 2015

Considering a move to Florida, like Lake Worth for instance, but worried about Sea Level Rise? Don't Fret! (at least for the foreseeable future)

Re-post. Back by popular demand! Larry the Lenz teaches Misty Meanor on the facts about Sea Level Rise:

My intrepid roving photographer, Larry the Lenz, sent me some pictures and notes concerning his good friend, Misty Meanor. Here is the story from Larry's notes and photos.

The lovely Misty Meanor panning for the camera.
Misty and Larry with Lake Worth's 1200' long BEACH! in the background.
One standard measurement scale for Sea Level Rise is a slice of Kraft Single White American pasteurized cheese.
Misty and Larry have known each other for many years now and Misty has been considering purchasing a house in Lake Worth. After a life of partying and causing trouble Misty wants to calm down and enjoy the slow pace for a while. Misty settled on a house west of Dixie not far from the Arts Lofts, a fixer upper and she can purchase the property at an excellent price. Here is the problem: Misty is concerned about the talk of rising sea levels that Commissioner McVoy keeps bringing up and some reporter called Pissant is writing about all the time. In fact, even an ex-city commissioner talked about the looming threat of rising sea levels.

Larry invited Misty for a ride to the beach and he brought along some props and information for her. 
First Larry showed Misty the 'Conclusions' from the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Action Plan of October 2012:
"Southeast Florida [Regional Climate Change Compact] require active learning OVER THE DECADES TO COME. [emphasis added] The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact has developed the institutional capacity to enable the collaborative learning required to MEET THESE CHALLENGES OVER TIME."
So Larry was able to demonstrate there is no immediate threat from sea level rise. In fact, the property Misty is considering is 20 feet above sea level.

Then Larry took out his visual aids. He brought along a slice of Kraft Singles American pasteurized prepared cheese. Actually Kraft cheese is one of Larry's favorite foods. Larry showed Misty that in any year the rising seas, over a year, MAY be as much as 3 mm or .119 inches. Larry even stood on the cheese slice and asked Misty if he looked taller, she laughed and said, "No!"

So, Misty was relieved and a little embarrassed she had been duped by the hysteria and misinformation. She was also a bit upset that people in positions of responsibility were misleading the public in such a fashion.

Thank you, Larry, for getting the information out and getting us in Lake Worth a wonderful new resident!