Sunday, November 8, 2015

A message from Lake Worth Critical Mass to the good citizens of our charming, tiny, 6 square mile City

Here is a link to the blog post I put up promoting the Lake Worth Critical Mass (LWCM) ride that occurred last Friday night. Unfortunately, was unable to make this month's ride but look forward to the next ride on December 4th. The ride always takes place on the first Friday of the month.

Many of the riders are from out of town: Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, and western PBC communities to name a few. The good news from LWCM is they're planning to spend more time in the City prior to and following the ride to learn more about Lake Worth and hopefully be ambassadors letting their friends know how cool and quirky this City is. Here is the LWCM message from Facebook:
     Tonights the night... We'll be meeting in Bryant park around 6:45pm and Riding out at 7:30pm sharp as usual. Tonight we will be ending the ride at the cultural plaza right downtown on lake ave to interact with the people of lake worth a little more. Were thinking this will be a nice change and also give us a chance to answer some questions people may have about our group of riders and why we do it. We also feel that stopping in this location will help keep the riders out and hanging in downtown to help out local business. Tonights ride will be 10 to 12 miles and @ a pace of 7 to 10 mph. Lights will definitely be key tonight since daylight saving time is in full effect.
     Also, feel free to check out our website and refresh yourself with the rules of this event. It can't hurt to take a look...
The LWCM has done a remarkable job keeping the ride safe and the corkers are a big reason for that. Other Critical Mass rides in Florida haven't been so diligent if you followed the news out of Ft. Lauderdale when things were allowed to get out of control. Save the date, December 4th, and hope to see everyone at the Cultural Plaza for Evening on the Avenue and the NAPC Front Porch!