Friday, October 13, 2017

The demise of the shuffleboard courts in downtown Lake Worth

No history topic on this blog generates more interest than the short post below. Not even close. I’ll just throw the question out there: Should Lake Worth plan for a shuffleboard venue in the future? If so, where?

At the height of its popularity the shuffleboard courts once occupied the northwest area of the current City Hall — back then it was the City’s Municipal Auditorium.

That area is now a parking lot. Here are some pictures from postcards back in the day.
For those of you unfamiliar with shuffleboard learn more here.

Lake Worth’s courts at the City’s Annex northwest of City Hall began falling into disrepair “back in the day” and fewer and fewer people showed up to play. In 2008 the end of the shuffleboard era was over for good when it was turned into a day labor center — another sad decision by a previous City administration and a very sad era in our City’s history.


Anonymous said...

Very sad that the courts were demolished. This was pretty recent wasn't it?

Wes Blackman said...

It began when Stanton was here. She chased out the shuffleboard club that had been there for years to make way for the Day Labor Center. The courts were never maintained after that and ultimately, they were removed.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Stanton demoing any courts, pretty sure that just happened in the last year or so.

Wes Blackman said...

She had the seats taken out so that there were only courts. The surface was never maintained and she did kick out the shuffleboard club that had been there for years.