Sunday, October 4, 2015

How Christians are being persecuted by not being persecuted: The twisted logic of the "War on Christianity"

"One way in which the evil one persecutes the church in America is by not persecuting the church in America!"
Quote from the blog Christianity Today, in a post titled, "The Silent War of the Church"

If you've been following the twisted tale of the 'church' here in Lake Worth that's being 'persecuted' the quote above explains a lot. I found a link to this material in one of that church's news feeds. There is no war on Jesus (or God) in our City and there never was. But there was a 7-month attempt to create one in the minds of those who are either paranoid or easily manipulated.

Try to follow this logic from a member of that flock who believes there really is a "war" happening in Lake Worth:
  • Christians were killed (somewhere/anywhere)
  • There is a war on Christians
  • There are Christians in Lake Worth, FL
  • There is a war on Christians in Lake Worth
  • You can't see the war being conducted
  • Why? Because it's a secret war
Here is an excerpt from the blog post referenced above:
Consider this thought: a strategic method of Satan in America is to engage in a "silent war," one that is so subtle that the church can easily forget its true nature and the identity of their true enemy. In other words, one way in which the evil one persecutes the church in American is by not persecuting the church in America! Allow the American dream of prosperity dominate the values of the average Christian. Provide a way so that they indeed achieve success as the result of their years of education, hard work, and countless hours spent in their professional area of expertise. Their success is not seen as a blessing that results from the Lord's sacrifice, but a result of their own sacrifice. Then give them a craving for more success that can only come by working even harder.
When you read this twisted logic it becomes very clear why the Millennials are abandoning churches in the U.S. Who would blame them when there is such a culture of negativity and fear.