Sunday, September 27, 2015

Don't let the Super Moon strike fear into your heart: how many feet above sea level is your home?

This is a spectacular cosmic event that is likely to cause some flooding of low-lying areas in Palm Beach County, possibly even in Lake Worth's Bryant Park area which floods quite often. You can read the article in the Post by Kimberly Miller here. Are you concerned about flooding where you live or work?

Here is an app that will bring you some comfortDo you know how many feet above sea level. . .
  • Lake Worth City Hall is? 15.99'
  • South Shores Tavern? 13.1'
  • previous listing of house for sale on the 400 Block of North Lakeside? 5.66'
  • St. Andrew's Lutheran Church? 16.27'
  • Too-Jays Deli? 11.51'
So relax and breathe deeply. It's OK, Steve. 

Read this post where Larry the Lenz teaches his good friend Misty Meanor the facts about sea level rise. Amazing isn't it the many uses of Kraft Single White American cheese slices.
Larry the Lenz (on right) demonstrates to his friend, Misty Meanor, the actual rate of sea level rise using a slice of Kraft Single White American cheese.