Saturday, September 26, 2015

Did you miss what former Lake Worth City Comm. JOANN GOLDEN SAID IN PUBLIC!?!?!!

[This is a re-post, by request, from a loyal blog reader. As always. . .Thank You for visiting my blog, Wes.]

Would suggest you sit down before watching this video of JoAnn Golden at the the city commission meeting on Tuesday 9/1. At the 1:20 mark she states that if refugees landed on the Lake Worth beach she thinks your response as a City resident would be to "probably take out guns and get rid of 'em". Not kidding.
Very charming, isn't it? And note in the video she makes reference to 'toning down the rhetoric' or something like that. Makes me wonder if she's looked in a mirror any time recently.

Jo-Ann Golden has become one of the biggest advocates, along with Commissioner Ryan Maier, for the homeless in our City parks. The taxpayers, families with children, and others who enjoy our parks have taken a back seat, or so it would appear. Is this what they envision for our City?
A 'birder' at the Snook Islands has to walk around the homeless passed out on the dock. Is this JoAnn Golden and Ryan Maier's vision for our City parks? 
Here is a homeless person who has taken up residence in our park. Is this your vision for the City of Lake Worth?
BONUS CONTENT: Here is a link to see Mrs. Katie McGiveron's take on the homeless. It's priceless! And there's more! Read why Mrs. McGiveron is upset with reporter John Dzenitis at ABC25/WPBF!


Anonymous said...

Here is an idea... The City should set up this proposed "homeless camp" in the park across the street from McVoys house. It is PERFECT.

Mark Anthony Parrilla said...

Better yet, give them "Get used to living in the ghetto" Golden's home address and she can take them into her compound!

Mark A. Parrilla

Anonymous said...

what the hell is she talking about??

West Palm just covered up the electrical outlets downtown to curb the homeless hanging around?? is she delusional or just a liar??