Thursday, October 1, 2015

Did The Palm Beach Post interview THAT "Lynn Anderson" about our Martin Luther King Memorial Globe?

[This post was originally published yesterday, 9/30. Sadly it would appear the Post did indeed publish a comment from Lynn Anderson, yes THAT Lynn Anderson, on our Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Globe at the Cultural Plaza. A few words come to mind for the reporter and editors at the Post: two are 'disrespectful' and 'insulting'.]

I hope there are two Lynn Anderson's in Lake Worth. Here is the article by Kevin Thompson, the Post reporter, on the restoration of the Martin Luther King Globe at the Cultural Plaza. Here is Lynn Anderson's quote by the reporter:
Lynn Anderson said she was surprised Lake Worth took action.
“The city fixed something?” she cracked.
The Lynn Anderson we are familiar with is a blogger who has race-baited Black people, worships the 'Confederate' flag, continues to defend her friend's use of the 'N-word' at City Hall, and has disrespected Black people and minorities relentlessly.

Is it possible The Palm Beach Post sought HER out for a comment? THAT Lynn Anderson?
Could it be possible THIS is the Lynn Anderson who was quoted in the Post in an article about Lake Worth's Martin Luther King Globe at our Cultural Plaza? Let's hope not.


Migs said...

Can't wait for the paper's next editorial on race

Anonymous said...

Lynn is Kevin's boss and he knows it. Lynn works for Cara and Cara works for Stacey. He does what he's told. That's why he still is a reporter when all the higher calibre talent is long gone. After the next March elections (or runoff if nec.) he will be gone and you will never hear another word from him ever again. The last hurrah. It's not personal. He has a job to do and it is as simple as that.

anon said...

A very insensitive addition to a positive story. Demonstrates a lack of compassion and understanding.