Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Question: Do you know how long the Lake Worth BEACH! is? A lot of people still have no idea

Below is a short video by VisitFlorida of the open coast beaches in the State of Florida. When you add up the total miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches, the Straits, and the Gulf of Mexico it totals 825 miles. If you total the northeast, central, and southeast regions of the Atlantic Ocean beaches the total is 362.7 miles of beach.

Now, how many of that 362 miles of Atlantic Coast beach do you think the Lake Worth beach comprises? Here is the quiz:

POP QUIZ: How many miles long is the Lake Worth BEACH! (approximately)? Is it:
  1. Two miles long?
  2. Five and ¼ miles?
  3. One and ½ miles?
  4. 0.26 miles (1,280 feet)?
  5. One mile and 98 feet?
Watch the video below and think about it. Check back here tomorrow for the answer (HINT: if you were a turtle it might be a bit difficult to find).