Thursday, July 16, 2015

Public Comment from Tuesday's City Commission Meeting: 7/14/15

The big issue was the number of crematoria in the city (places that perform cremation services). They are no longer permitted in the City according to the land development regulations. But they may continue to exist as long as they maintain their business licenses. Concern was expressed about the smoke, fumes and toxic materials that the smoke can contain. According to the City Manager during his report at the end of the meeting the city is going to track down whose responsibility it is to regulate crematoria.

Here's the Palm Beach Post article on the crematoria.

Oh, and Peter Timm had something to say. To date though his best performance was when he sat in a city commission meeting with tape over his mouth:
Lake Worth gadfly Peter Timm with tape over his mouth holding Margaret Menge's now-defunct, always-FREE, delivered FREE, advertising-challenged tabloid.