Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Other Blogger (TOB) finally caught on! What took so long? Is she "obtuse"?

TOB took one of my video's off my YouTube Channel and placed it in the right hand column of her blog which is fine by me. The video was originally titled, "Cara Jennings' comments on the ITN process". A while ago came up with a brilliant idea—go to my YouTube Channel and change the title of my video! This is the title decided was the best fit: "Lynn Anderson is obtuse".
Changed the title of my YouTube video from "Cara Jennings' comments on the ITN process" to "Lynn Anderson is obtuse". She finally discovered this and is none too happy I'm told.
Finally TOB caught on. It was a clever joke and meant no harm. Just hope she doesn't get too angry and decide to put my name on a bullet or a picture of me burning in effigy; that would be just plain vicious and mean-spirited:
TOB put the names Greg (Rice), Loretta (Sharpe), Mary (Lindsey) and Your's Truly on bullets.
This was a GIF (moving image of flames) on TOB's blog with Mayor Pam Triolo "engulfed in flames".